Sony DW-Q120A Firmware? Strange Behavior Burning

I have purchased a Sony DW-Q120A from E-bay.
First the thing would not did not seem to recognize right on my XP.

Using DVD-R disks.

I read some of the forum and read about firmware PYR2 and upgraded to that.
It was recognize but when I burned my COBY DVD-224 got a DATAERROR on the DVD.

I read some more on the forum and read about firmware PYS2 and upgraded to that.
Then the COBY DVD-224 read the disk just great.

But then I tried to create another DVD and found another problem.
There is a pattern.

If I make an ISO with Roxio. Then use the Disc Copier to create the DVD.
The COBY DVD-224 read the disk just great.

If I create the DVD with Roxio MyDVD.
The COBY DVD-224 gets a DATAERROR on the DVD.

But I can turn around and put the same disk in my XP.
Then use the Disc Copier to copy this DVD to create another DVD
With the out coming DVD the COBY DVD-224 read the disk just great.

So a DVD I make with use the Disc Copier is just find with the COBY DVD-224.
But a DVD I make straight from Roxio MyDVD gets a DATAERROR in the COBY DVD-224.

Now I have tried to understand all this cross flashing and stuff like that.
Talk of moving up to other flashes and voiding warranty and so on.
Really do not think I have a type warranty since I already messed with the firmware and aid only $40 for the new Sony DW-Q120A from E-bay.

Want to understand what is the newest firmware for the Sony DW-Q120A.
More on this cross flashing.
Understand what the options are on these other flashes that the talk of voiding the warranty is about.

A lit of this scares me when it talks of ruining/destroying the DVD burner.
So I would like to try to be careful.
Not read half a post again and think I have the latest thing on the drive and find out later there is a newer and better thing for my problem.

Am I making any kind of since here.

Most of your question regarding crossflashing and firmware for you drive can be found here:

I read the link from the above post:

Read about how the drive is really a Liteon SHW-160P6S (rebadged)

Then downloaded firmware that was talked about for the Liteon SHW-160P6S:
It seemed to flash ok.

But now can only reboot into safemode.
In safemode it shows the drive in device drivers as Liteon SHW-160P6S.

So I can not get XP up.

I tried to flash the drive again in safemode.
The flash seemed to work, the drive flashed and everything and it ended ok.
So the drive is not dead.

But I can not get it to boot in XP. Only safemode will come up.

I am sending this post on another computer.

Read more about Liteon SHW-160P6S and found link to other firware.
I have downloaded PS0A.EXE to a floppy if it is a good idea to try to flash to that.

Do not want to reinstall XP again and still can not boot if it is not a XP problem.

Just do not know how to proceed.
Very happy the drive shows up in safemode and does not appear to be dead.
Want to recover this drive if possible.

Please give me advice on what to do???

remove the ide cable, boot windows normally, reconnect ide cable. reboot if nothing happens and try to avoid safemode.

I have removed the IDE cable.
Then it will boot into XP just fine. With the drive not connected.

After I reconnect the IDE cable to the drive. It will not boot XP.

But I can boot into safemode.
The drive is listed in savemode still as Liteon SHW-160P6S.

So XP does not like the drive for some reason.

What do I try next?
Can I change the flash in safemode to somthing else?