Sony DW Q-58A on Sony Vaio Laptops

Is there someone out here who are using a Sony vaio laptop that has the DW Q-58A drive installed with the firmware UFS2 , dated september 2005.
I flashed mine without making a backup (doh!!) with the USY3 and USY2 and now its kinda burning coasters for me. Is there anyone out here who can make a backup of their firmware so i can reflashed my drive back again. Anyone that has firmware other than USY2 and USY3. Thank you.
My email is if you have the firmware.

If anyone knows a quick fix for it, pls let me know too, thanks.

I have USF1. Probably older than yours. I also have UDS1 and YUS3. You might find it somewhere on the web (UFS2).


You will find some F/W for Sony DW-Q58A at

you can find firmwares also here

Those links don’t have what this poster is looking for.

If you find UFS2 i’d like a copy. PM me please. I’d like to try it.

Thx for the replies, im still lookin for the UFS2 ones. Dang, i should have backed them up before i flashed it, i looked at it and saw Sept 2005, thought that was old by standards haha and tried flashin USY3, which turns out older haha.