Sony DW Q-30A No sound

So I flashed my writer to YYS4 firmware and now it runs my dvd’s but NO sound :sad: !? Any ideas anyone? :confused:

Hi and welcome!

this is not a matter of the drive hardware, but a software problem.
You may have messed up your DVD playback software, your sound settings or your operating system. Check audio settings in your operating system and your DVD player software. Also you could try VLC Media Player and Mediaplayer Classic. Both are free software.


No read issues? Nothing else funny going on? If the drive reads the disc properly – the image doesn’t stutter, cut out, whatever – then it’s as mciahel said above, a software issue, not hardware. What DVD playing software are you using? I presume you’re running XP? Give us a bit more info if trying other software doesn’t solve the issue and we’ll see what we can do.


Yes. XP on a brand new Intel D101GCC motherboard with 256M ram, but with 2GB ram ordered. I have both Win Media 11.0 , Nero 5, and InterVideo Media One, [which uses Win DVD 6} as playback.When I try to rip a music cd from the DVD I get errors in Win Media and Nero. I’m beginning to suspect that this unit is damaged. I can rip music easily from my NEC CD rom as well as get great audio.

Well, as long as your’re flashing it you might consider the latest test firmware for the drive (it’s been something of a miracle cure for me) but that would mean crossflashing to a LiteON SHW-1635S. That would void your warranty, so if you can still get the drive replaced I’d do that first, and leave the crossflashing as something of a last resort.


I don’t suppose that somehow the “Enable digital CD audio …” got messed up by the flash, ie unchecked.

That’s right, TimC. With it being detected as a “new” device after the flash, you never know. Also check your “mixer” settings (mute/volume) in Windows.