Sony dw g120a to liteon shm 165p6s



i am getting this sony drive pretty cheap … i know that its rebadged lite on shm 165p6s … so is there any way to crossflash it to lite on drive and use it with lite on firmware … also with new test firmware with os and ht …

and if possible then how to do it … by omnipatcher or some other tool?

pls guide


someone pls help … ?


got this drive a week ago found no problems its a great bit of kit I used the liteon software to make it region free but am using it in the sony flavor for eveything else




I also want to know whether it is possible and how to crossflash Sony G120a to LiteOn 165P6S. Who can help?


Crossflashed my Sony DW-G120A,fw MYS3 to LiteOn using 165P6S.MS0M.stock.exe. Now the drive ID is SHM-165P6S. Thanks



what has improved after flashing Liteon-FW?



you can use SmartBurn, HyperTuning and OverSpeed. these options are available with the smartburn utility from the liteon site. liteon firmwares are also more up2date than sony firmwares.


hi - where di ya get that file from as i am trying to do the same!

When I try to flash it with the liteon website flash file - it says - no drive match - Sony drive!


download the MS0M firmware here:

liteon smartburn utility: