Sony DW-G120A Lightscribe?`




I am having difficult confirming if this drive supports Lightscribe or not.

Can anyone help?



It is probably a LiteOn SHM-165P6S. So if that is the case, no it doesn’t have Lightscribe. It’s the SHM-165[B]H[/B]6S that has Lightscribe.


– The Sony DW-G102A uses the same Mediatek MT1888E chipset as the latest release LiteOn SHM-165P6S model. –

Just found that one a site. Just confirming what Ssseth has stated. Nice.


Technically it can be crossflashed to a SHM-165P6S as well. Although that does void the warranty.


Is there any benefit in me doing that?
I have just upgraded the firmware to MYS6.

I also have an older Lite-on 8132S which i flashed to an 832s for DL.
( i think from memory i have to continue using flashes for the 8132S and not flash it as though it was an 832s?)

Are there any new flashes that would have a benefit for me on that one?
Thanks for the replies.


There is no point in crossflashing the drive and the MYS6 is a good firmware.



Okay. Just stick with it. no need to turn the drive into a Liteon.



If you cross-flash your Sony DW-G120A to a LiteOn SHM-165P6S with a recent firmware such as MS0R, you will get Online-HyperTuning and the ability to perform Jitter scans on DVD media.

I don’t think either of those is available with Sony firmware, but I haven’t tried MYS6 so I could be wrong.

The LiteOn 165P6S in my sig is in fact a cross-flashed Sony DW-G120A.


The Sony firmware does allow Online HyperTuning, but not Jitter scanning in CDSpeed. The Sony LightScribe model is called DW-G121A.