Sony DW-G120A help

Hey all, I’m new here and I was looking for some help with my new burner. The old one was some generic job and I decided an upgrade would be good as I was getting a new motherboard too.
Anyhow, I put it all in, but there is a big problem - the burner doesn’t really work. It will accept CD’s, and play audio CD’s, but it will not run .exe’s or run DVD’s - it is possible to explore data CD’s, but this is slow essentially useless as nothing can run anyway - it always gives me a ‘not a valid win32 application’ message. I haven’t even tried burning as reading DVD’s is more important at the moment.
Thanks for any help (my motherboard is an ASRock939 Dual-Sata2 by the way).

have you got the latest mbo drivers installed?

plus 80-wire ribbon cable :iagree:

What about DMA/PIO?