SONY DW-G120A don\'t read any kind of disc

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DW-G120A / DRU-120C. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi Dears
I have cd burner named sony dw-g120a. my cd driver don’t read any disc. it reads like empty disc. i have updated firmware vp5 to vp6 which taken by sony web site. but it still same. it uses 80 strings cable. green light which on the front of the driver only on during cd holder out of the driver.
what i to do?

please help me thank you, sorry my bad english

Are you sure you have correct firmware? According to firmware versions of this drive all have 4 characters with latest version being MYS6. I have 2 of this model, 1 with MYS6 and the other with MYR5 firmware.

sorry i wrote wrong!! It was MYS5, updated by MYS6.
lens looks clean. its chip name is MT1888E 0635-AOSL DP2SM4
what do you thing is it hardware problem or software?
please help me:bow:

Find or create a CD/DVD that can be used to boot a computer (test that it works in another computer).

Try to see if you can boot your computer using a bootable CD/DVD, e.g. your Windows install disc, in your Sony DW-G120A drive. You may have to change settings in your BIOS to allow booting from your DVD burner.

If your computer can boot from the bootable CD/DVD but can’t read the same CD/DVD in Windows, then it’s a software problem.

If your computer cannot boot from the bootable CD/DVD, then it’s a hardware problem and you need to get a new drive.

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I did follow your instruction but it was not work. if it is hardware problem can i fix it?:bow:
:sad: i have never written any cd’s. it is almost new. :sad:
OK! What kind of cd writer do you want suggest me. thank you for your helps

i opened my dw-120a cd burner. So there is not laser beam while starting.:eek:

Your results confirms it is a hardware problem if you followed DrageMester instructions. There are many good burners, but I personally prefer the Pioneer DVR-116D from choices currently available. However, you may want to get a LiteOn if scanning is important to you which it is not to me.