Sony DW-G120A Adding Scuff Marks to DVDs?


             Using my Sony DW-G120A, I recently used DVD Decrypter to decode 2 silver DVDs that were pressed within the last month.

The discs in question are KISS Live in Largo, MD 12.20.77 and KISS Live in Detroit, MI 1.25.76. Both of these discs are single layer DVDs with around 2.5GB of data on each disc.

Both discs were decrypted properly and burned to DVD-R without problems.

The issue is that while my DW-G120A was decrypting the DVDs, the drive introduced circular scuff marks on each disc.

I noticed that the ripping speed would fluctuate between 2.5x to about 9x during decryption. Could the rapid increase/decrease in speed cause these circular scuff marks?

One the first disc, KISS Live in Largo 12.20.77, there were several circular scuff marks that caused playback errors. Thankfully I was able to use a motorized DVD repair kit to correct the playback errors.

On the Detroit DVD there is only one circular scuff mark about 1 inch from the outer edge of the disc. Thankfully, it does not effect playback.

I am positive that these scuff marks were not on the discs prior to instering them into the burner.

These DVDs were burned 10 days apart, and my PC had been powered down for about 18 hours before attempting to rip the Detroit 76 DVD.

I’ve burned over 75 discs and decrypted a few official DVDs with the DW-G120A burner and none of them had any marks similar to those on the KISSOLOGY Bonus DVDs.

Could these scuff marks be caused by copy protection code embedded on the DVDs or is my burner faulty? I very rarely copy official DVDs, so I don’t have much knbowledge regarding the various copy protection schemes out there.

I’d appreciate any assistance given.

Thank You,


I forgot to mention that I am using firmware MYS6.

I’d say your drive is faulty. The same thing happened to my NEC ND-3500AG and that’s the main reason it’s no longer connected anywhere.

I think you should get your drive replaced.