Sony DW D56A slow burning speed

Hello everyone,

Recently I got a Sony VAIO notebook VGN-397XP with a dual dvd writter DW D56A. Everything seemed to be fine, until I tried to rip a dvd movie. The problem is that although the ripping ends successfully, the whole procedure takes a lot of time (1h 45mins approx.). Friends of mine with other dvd drives need approximately 35-45 minutes. I updated the firmware (with the latest driver that I downloaded from the sony website), and although during the first couple of times the ripping ended very fast, all the other times it takes a looooooooooooooot of time.

In addition, when i trie to burn cds/dvds with other data (ie mp3, photos, etc.), the burning process ends successfully and very fast.

Moreover, the shoftware that I use are DVDshrink, anyDVD, cloneDVD, nero6 ultra, but all of them need the same time to rip the DVD (clone dVD is a bit faster).

Something else that i noticed, is that with DVDschrink, i couldn’t rip dvd movies that were made by sony (dvdshrink crashed during the first step of analyzing the dvd); that’s why i turned to anyDVD+cloneDVD.

Please let me know what should i do, cause the long time is driving me crazy.