Sony DW-D56A & MCC003

:a I have never see a drive that burn 4x CLV, but start with 2.4x first :Z
even 451 wouldn’t do that…

I’m using the latest fw from Sony Vaio OEM PFS3, but the burn quality sux at 2.4x!!

Which burn strategy should I use on MCC003 for this drive? Any mod fw avail for better burn quality? 8x burn is prefered, or at least starts at 4x!!

Slim DVDRW’s are not designed to withstand high rotational speed, so you’ll have to learn and live with this fact, drive starting to burn at 2.4x. :slight_smile:

Also remember, this is a two years old drive. Newer slim drives have more modern hardware and might be able starting at 4x burn speed. (Don’t know any model right now to point you to though.)


Guess I have to fill the 1st 200MB with cra@s then…