Sony DW-D56A firmware library

As I could not find anything similar yet, I’ll try to build a tiny archive of firmware versions for this sony DVD ± RW DL burner.

I’ll only include original Sony firmwares, the LiteOn SOSW-852S versions you can find elsewhere.

I’m still looking for participants, if you have a version I did not upload yet, PLEASE send it to me!! (contact me via personal message function of this forum).

Currently online:
PFS1 - Aug23, 2004
PYS1 - Sep24, 2004

Media Codes:
PFS1 Codes
PYS1 Codes

(please use “Save Target As…” in your browser for downloading)

Seeking for firmware versions (look, if you maybe have it):

Instructions for firmware updates/checks:

Hello, HubertK!

Could you send me the Firmware PYS1 by e-mail?
My e-mail is

I couldnt download your files. Its not work…

sure. You’ll get your email shortly.

I’ll try to find another web-server to host the files…

mine came with firmware PDS3.

Hi msorsela,

that’s interesting. Would you please be so kind to backup it and mail it to me? I’ll give you my address via personal message.

Thank you very much for your support!


New firmwares added:
PDS3 - Jul30, 2004
PFS2 - Jan05, 2005

Media Codes:
PDS3 Codes
PFS2 Codes

If a moderator should read this, please copy this information to the initial post. Or please change my forum rights somehow, so I could update that post on my own from time to time. Thanks a lot!!

I can not find the PDS3 firmware, can you point me to the directory so I will know where to install the PFS2?

Thanks in advance

Good job! HubertK,

Saves a lot of thread searching for Sony/Liteon firmwares.

Moderators please make this a sticky post.


just because I got asked several times on this:

The files are packed with WinRAR, to save download time and filespace. To unpack them, you may use WinRAR or unrar, both are available to download from here:

I have a disaster here!
I’m not anything of a specialist and i know f**k all about upgrading firmware, but as i own a sony vaio i recieved a notification that i should upgrade my firmware. i followed all the steps as described in their tool from and look for Firmware update for Sony DW-D56A
or if this doesn’t work try
this is PFS2 version and previously i had PFS1 as far as i remember. There was no option of backing this version up with the tool provided by Sony.
Now ive tried to burn a CD-R and it stopped half way through, cd fcuked, i also tried recorded CDs and DVDs, the drive doesnt read them!
Thanks for any help!

oh dear…
Flashed my sony D56a (pds3) with pfs2 and decrypter woudnt burn an iso. Soon as i hit go the write errors shot up to over 40 something then it stopped… Flashed down to PSF1 and its burning ok, tho its takin longer to get going… my dell 9100 bios now says i have a cdrom whereas before said i had a dvd±rw, guess thats just the bootcode changed or something., anyway i decided to flash back to my old firmware (backed it up before flashing to any) and my drive capabilities now report half the supported things as NO ??? all the + types in decrypter say NO! wtf

Its ok, i had to uninstall the writer and redetect it… phewwww
however, PDS3 codes say 4x for Verbatim 4x dvd-rw, but im only gettin 2x on em. Nevermind.

Can someone tell me why when i use copytodvd now and burn something it says in the info window supported media , DVD-R/CD-R/CD-RW? I run dvd decrypter and view info in that and all the + types are No ? IVe flashed back to the original backed up PDS3 firmware ?

uninstalled secondary channel and rebooted and it detects it then says cannot install, driver is not intended for this platform… Wish id never flashed it

ok ignore other posts, sorry for filling up the forum :wink:
Flashed back to PSF1 and now report all modes supported, so my original firmware is, i dunno what… compared it to the flashed version and they were identical so maybe it didnt back it up right? nevermind i`ll stick with psf1 and see if it writes any good

has anyone requested/found an rpc1 firmware revision for the dw-d56a? I can’t seem to burn faster than 2X on any dvd.

And if I were to try and get a replacement model or another, what would be the tell-tale signs that I had tampered with the firmware? Even if i had replaced the original backed up firmware?


The DW-D56A is just a liteon in Sony clothing, so you can use LtnRPC to disable the region protection and set to RPC1

sorry HubertK i didn’t get back to you sooner, just checked the thread today, completely forgot about it hehe

I have pfs1 and have difficulty getting discs (all have been certified on other burners witht the same version of nero)to actually burn at 8x, it says 8x but the real time is more like 4x (exactly like it actually). I use nero 6…12 and like it but i would kill to get this thing firing at full speed

what firmaware or other adjustments do i need to make it work better?

Not many do 8x on this writer. Ones i use now are unbranded mcc02 (verb 8x) which are as cheap as riteks (dont do 8x). It starts off 2x, then 4x then 6x and about 83% does 8x and the whole burn takes 3 mins less than a full burn at 4x, so you arent missing much. Stick to 4x for a better burn.