Sony DW-D56A, DVD Shrink, and Bitsetting

I cannot turn off bitsetting. I can’t burn anything but coasters with this thing because it is book typing everything I burn. In DVD Shrink, under Burn Settings, the Book Type option is greyed out and checked, so I can’t even uncheck it. I just want to be able to backup DVD’s. I have tried DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, and Nero for burning and I have tried to fiddle with Bitsetting in Nero to no avail. I greatly appreciate your help ahead of time.

Booktyping should have absolutely no effect on the burn.

We need to know what media you’re using, what speed you burn at and what do you define as a coaster.

I guess the Sony might do Disc Quality scanning. Posting an image of the would be most helpful.

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I am using Memorex DVD-R’s, which are RITEK’s and what I define as a coaster is, my XBOX won’t play it. Yet, I walk over to my desktop burn one and boom XBOX plays it no problem. I burn at 2x and 4x. I hope this is helpful.

Memorex are one of the least thought of media you can buy.

Booktyping does not come into play with DVD-R media.

Looking at DVD Shrink , mine is exactly the same so I don’t think that’s significant.

It’s much more likely down to the quality of burn on the D56a rather than anything else. What burner do you have on your desktop PC?

For your info, I have the very same drive and have no probs with it. As Tim says, I wonder whether it is the media. Have you tried a different make of disc?

I have a Sony DRU 720A I believe. I know book typing doesn’t matter, but when it is checked you burn a guaranteed coaster. I just need to know a 100% guaranteed way to backup a DVD. I want to use -R disks because they are read in more DVD Players. Any help is, as usual, greatly appreciated.

Anyone have a solution for this? I need to turn off bitsetting because in DVD Shrink it is automatically checked and greyed out. I can’t burn anything but coasters. Please help…

Any help at all?

Are you still using crap media & trying such a slow burn?

In Shrink just create an ISO image & then burn that with ImgBurn at the rated speed of the media. Get some quality DVD-R like Verbatim if you’re not using them already.

Also ensure that you’ve got the latest firmware so as to best support modern 16x media.

I’m still looking for a response if anyone can help me. I need to be able to turn off bitsetting. Thank you.