Sony dw-d56a dvd problem

Hi guys,
I am new here so I hope I put this in the right spot…lol
I have a Sony Vaio pcg-k35 with the Sony dw-d56a burner. I am able to read cd’s just fine. The problem I have is reading dvd’s, now that being said the dvd’s are ones I paid for in the store and not burned copys(i have not tryed them yet). I had this problem when I got the laptop and I just got done putting a new laser in the unit. There is only one dvd I can view after the laster install and thats Happy Gilmore. When a dvd is in you can here the laser move but you never see the file name of the movie when you go to My Computer. Also powerdvd is unable to see the file name and it will hang when hitting the drive for the dvd. When I hit the button to remove the cd and the cd is out powerdvd unhangs itself. I have not burned anything yet and the new laser is a duel layer laser(the same that was in there). Now that being said and seeing there are alot of people having problems with this burner. What can I do to fix this and is there some other burner that will fit in this laptop? Also one last note. I tyed to use DVD Decrypter and it started to Decryp the files then it stops after 10sec or so. Thanks for your time! Please help!! :sad:

Okay, this is a update. I am still unable tp play movies. The happy gilmore movies,spiderman plays but will not play to the end. The player will hang about 1/2 way. Also the only movies that will even do that are the ones that want to unstall there own player. I tryed there player just to see if it will work only to get the same thing.I also reinstalled the drive for this drive but still have the problem. I can’t even get movies like hogans heros,the thing,the last batman movie.Now I don’t know if there is some other burner out there that will fit in the sony vaio pcg-k35 laptop and be able to take the face plate. I would like to get one that has the duel laser(like this one) but as you can tell I been unable to give that a try. I have tryed 3 diff. players at this time, I could really use some help as what do to get this work before I smash this drive.

Well is there any one out there that can help??? :eek: