Sony Dw-d26a

Hi Everyone,

I’m a new user, in fact I just signed up. So howdy!

I’ve got a Sony DW-D26A Burner. Searching on Google brought me here, so hopefully I can find out the information I’m looking for.

I understand that my Sony is nothing more than an OEM Lite On, so hopefully thats the truth.

I’ve recently attempted to burn some CD+G Karaoke files and my new Karaoke machine isnt reading them. So I attemtped to copy a bought karaoke cd and found out my drive doesnt even read the CD+G disc.

So I thought perhaps I needed to upgrade the firmware to read this other format. So thats my question. Is there a firmware upgrade to make it read this format? or am I SOL?

If I am SOL, is there a recommendation on what drive to buy to get it to do this. Other than this new wrinkle, the Sony has been pretty awesome.

Thank you in advance!