Sony DW-D26A problems

Hi All,

I just recently got a batch of 24 machines using this drive, and unfortunately it cannot read the Gigabyte driver CD that was included with the system, and also has trouble reading a couple of other commercially pressed discs.

As a last resort, I was wondering whether it would be possible to crossflash this drive to its Liteon equivalent? The problem is I’ve never crossflashed before so am green in that regard, and I am not 100% sure which Liteon drive this corresponds to… it seems like they have 2 or 3 current models which can be likely suspects… Also does anyone out there know whether firmware flashes ever fix cd readability problems such as this?


I just want to know what the exact equivalent Liteon is?

See .

Where did you get the new firmware you describe? When I go to the Lite-On website it refers me to another which is worthless! Thanks.

Thanks, Harron, but how did you get that new firmware file to run? When I try it finds my DW-D26A and says there is no compatible drive available and quits. Thanks again.

Try FlashFix


I’m sorry… I misled you, but not intentionally. I had pointed you to the LiteOn site, but, in fact, I had gotten my files from codeguys before the official flasher was posted at LiteOn.

Go here:

Click on JS05 - stock - unscrambled under the LiteOn SOHW-1673S section to download the RAR archive.

Then go to

and download the latest version of OmniPatcher.

Run OmniPatcher on the unscrambled JS05 flasher. You don’t have to mess with any of the fine-tuning options for now. Just let OmniPatcher do its default thing and save out your new version of the flasher using a different filename.

This modified flasher should work fine on the DW-D26A. It did on mine.

As a precaution download the EEPROM utility from

and save the contents of the drive’s EEPROM before you start the process. Good luck.

P-S’s suggestion (FlashFix) looks like it should do the job, as well. I’ve not tried it.

=-= Harron =-=


Can you do me a favor?

I have misflashed DW-D26A. And I need any compartible BINARY firmware. Can you please extract whatever version you have from your drive?

Thanks a lot!


Go to codeguys and download the JS05 firmware package:

(Click on the link JS05 - stock - unscrambled in the 1673s section near the bottom of the page.)

When you unRAR the archive, you should see a folder that contains the raw BIN version of the firmware. That should be identical (or nearly identical) to whatever I extract off my drive.

If you’re really in a pickle, I have the EEPROM dump from my DW-D26A in its original factory state. (Again, go to the codeguys site – see utilities.) If you want that file, drop me a private message with your e-mail address.

Thank you, Harron!

I’ll give it a try.
BTW, which flasher have you used for D26A? Mtkflash for DOS? What version?

Thanks again.

Hi, p_s.

I didn’t have to use any generic flasher (that requires BIN firmware code) at all. See my reply to essjay2 (post #9) above. I used the standalone unscrambled JS05 flasher from codeguys. I ran it through OmniPatcher, which, I think, is what enabled me to cross-flash my DW-D26A to a 1673S.