Sony DW-D26A Problems:Can't update firmware,DVD Burning

I looked around and downloaded the LiteOn firmware. I flashed my Sony DW-D26A DVD writer with the file 1673S.JS05.stock.exe. It doesn’t do much for me. I had additional burn speeds, but I’m still getting error messages (more on that later) and now I can’t flash the drive to anything else.

The original revision was JYS1. I flashed it to JS05. Then I found a JYS2 and wanted to try that, but now I get the message “Cannot update firmware, please contact your vendor”. I wasn’t sure how to use FlashFix, but that didn’t matter: the file it outputted wasn’t able to flash anything anyhow.

I did all of this because I kept getting a “Illegal disc” error in Nero (all version that I tried) as well as in Alcohol 120%. Alcohol tells me that the disc is burning at an illegal speed, and bumps it down to 3.2x from whatever I chose. I am using reliable Sony DVD-R media. I’ve been using the same 50pk spindle (Gold label) BEFORE I FORMATTED. I formatted the hard drive and did a clean install of Windows XP Pro. I’m guessing it can only be the format that’s the culprit now seeing that I was burning fine just before.

Does anyone know where I can start, as in any leads to research? Or hell, a solution would be great :bigsmile:

Thanks guys.

Oh yeah, I don’t remember, but now in My Computer, my DVD drive and DVD-RW drive is listed as a CD Drive. In Nero Burning ROM, I don’t see that drop-down box to choose CD/DVD as the type of compilation that I want to create (File->New).

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It seems that your OS is having trouble recognizing your drive. I dunno if this thread might help you any: