Sony DW-D26A - Not Reading DVDs

Ok my friend just got this drive and we installed it. Burned a few discs at 8x with no problem as well as CD-Rs. He tried to play a retail DVD using powerDVD and windows media player but the movie will not start playing. The current firmware is JYS2. I’m not quite sure what to do considering the burning aspect of the drive is in 100% working order…while the reading aspect doesn’t work at all. He has also tried to back up movies with CloneDVD2 but it fails to recognize discs as well.

I read some other threads about this burning and have considered backing up and flashing the firmware to a Lite-On f/w…but everyone that has done that had issues with burning not reading. I’m just stumped at this point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And please move this if it should be in the ‘firmware’ forum.

Welcome to cdfreaks, definitely the right forum. :slight_smile:

Try reading the retail DVD with Nero CD-DVD Speed’s transfer rate test and see what happens.

You could try JS05 (the version on my site allows cross flashing) but I’m not sure whether it will make any difference, but it is later firmware. Make sure you make a backup of your current firmware first using the Firmware flashing tool. Could you please send a copy to dhc014 and to myself as well. :slight_smile:

I’ll let him know and give it a try tonight I suppose. He wouldn’t mind not playing dvds in the drive but he wants to use clone dvd and other applications to back up his retail dvds. Just seems really strange. He mentioned something about region settings for the device too, I’m not quite sure what he meant by that and I haven’t been over to his house to see it myself. Could some setting on the drive be causing the read issue? He also said that if he views the drive in windows explorer, while a dvd is in the drive does not show the name of the dvd like usual.

Again - thanks for the help.