Sony DW-D26A misflashed



I had got Sony DW-D26A and was not able to burn DVD under Linux. To solve it I’ve tried to load it with Sony DRU-710A firmware (stupid me was thinking they are the same drive - just OEM and retail version).

Now my misflashed D26A is not recognized even by BIOS not to say by any OS.

I think I can try to recover it using mktflash for DOS (

To try that I need to get a binary firmware (not a Windows flasher -it would not work) for either one:
Sony DU-D26A or
Sony DRU-720A or
Lite-On SOHW-1673S (JS05)

I would appreciate if an owner of any of drive listed above can obtain a binary copy of his firmware (i.e. using mktflash backup feature), so I would be able to load it and hopefully recover the drive.



Go here and get the 1673 stock.