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I have purchased the Sony DW-D26A drive only to find out it might be a Lite-On drive. Dealer I purchased it from used to handle Lite-On drives only but recently switched to the Sony. The firmware is JYS2. Can this drive use other firmware and if so which and how?

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The drive is on OEM Lite-On SOHW-1673S. It can be crossflashed to a Lite-On SOHW-1693S. Goto my site (below). Click on Firmware, Download the file “Lite-On SOHW-1693S-Patched”. Click on Tools&Software, Download “Lite-ON EEPROM Utility v2.0.7” & “Lite-On Flash”. There is a Readme on “How to use Lite-On Flash”, so you can BACKUP your current firmware+EEPROM. Enjoy your 1693S. :iagree: :cool:

Alternatively you can go to


Hey Everyone,

I’m new here and new to DVD burners so please be patient with me :slight_smile:
I to have a Sony DVD RW DW-D26A Burner that I can use to burn DVD’s at 8X speed (I don’t know if that is the right speed or not). I can Burn DVD’s and CD’s, as well I can open the directory of a DVD/CD but I can not copy stuff back to my hard drive, play music or autorun a CD. I have tried flashing my firmware but I get an error message saying I can not flash my firmware and I should contact my vendor. Please please please someone help me find a solution. I would really really appricate any help. If someone could e-mail me a zip file with the stuff I need or point me in the right direction I would be forever greatful.



Go to the Tools& Software section of my site & grab CD/DVD Autoplay AutoFix. It should reticy your autoplay problems.


Hey thanks man I’ll try it right now!! :bow:


Man ohhh man!!!
This is really starting to drive me crazy!! Nothing I try is helping me. I can perfect but can not copy stuff from any disk to my harddrive. I get an I/O device error. I took back one DVD Burner with this problem and got a brand new one, So it’s not the burner. SOMEONE HELP please please please…The Black Wizard is a great help but I don’t know enough about it to use his tools. Any help is great appricated.



What would you like/do you need to know? :slight_smile:


I would LOVE and Need to know how to flash my firmware of my Sony DVD-R DW-26A I know it’s a OEM Lite-On SOHW-1673S (Thanks to you :slight_smile: ) but I’m not totally sure the steps to Cross Flashing it. I tried a few times but it didn’t let me flash the drive, told me to contact the vendor or something.

I can burn DVD’s and CD with no problem at all but I can’t copy anything from ANY CD to my harddrive. It give’s me a I/O device error. Do you know if Flashing the Firmware will fix this problem?

Thank you so much man, your the only one who seem to be able to help me.


Have you read the guide, … “Method 2” is available for you to use and is extremely easy…


Hey Everyone,

Thank you so much for all of your help. I FIXED THE PROBLEM!!!
I tried everything I could think of and someone suggested flashing my BIOS on my MotherBoard. Low and behold IT WORKED!!!

So for anyone out there with problems and nothing is working try Updating your BIOS!!! It worked for me!!

Thanks again!
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Black Wizard

I am having the same problem - i cannot play dvd’s on my computer. I have flashed the Sony DVD-R DW-26A / SOHW-1673S, and that did not fix the problem.

I get this error from Windows XP SP2:
“Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer”

Apparently, I need a decoder, but I have no idea where to get one (free, I hope).

“Go to the Tools& Software section of my site & grab CD/DVD Autoplay AutoFix. It should reticy your autoplay problems.”

I cannot find this section or tool at your site. Any other info I need to know?
I am a newbie to dvd’s.




A “decoder” is simply a piece of software that can do two things: decrypt the CSS encryption scheme used in DVDs and play back MPEG-2 video. In other words, DVD playback software.

Because both CSS and MPEG-2 are both tightly controlled, a DVD “decoder” will usually cost you money. Windows Media Player does NOT contain a decoder (it plays back DVDs through the use of whatever 3rd party decoder you have installed). WinDVD and Power DVD are the two most common ones. This is usually not a problem for people because manufacturers include copies of DVD playback software with their drive–and even OEM drives sold in bulk often get them bundled (in fact, because I’ve bought so many drives, I have way more copies of this stuff than I’ll ever need) (though that sometimes depends on whether or not the retailer is so generous). Did you get a copy with your drive? If so, did you install it?

I hear that Video LAN (google it up) can play back DVD videos (it’s freeware, and as you may imagine, it’s also under legal pressure, at least, that’s what I heard). I’ve never used it so I don’t know how well it works, but you could give it a try if you’re desperately seeking a free solution.


thanks for the quick reply.

this dvdrw came with nti dvdrw maker gold, and i installed it at the time i installed the drive. apparently, it does not come with a decoder.

it is not imperative that i be able to play dvd video on the computer - it would just be nicer to check one after i burn it. i will check out Video Lan.

thanks again.


mt friend has just got a dw-26a, i got a NEC 3520A and he found out i could take the rip lock off and was wondering if he could. i have all the files that were mentioned above. do i have to run the .exe throught omnipatcher and change the drive to his. and is there a way to turn off the limti speed of his drive


just run the firmware through omnipatcher and increase the read-speeds.


hi, totally new to this but also have a problem with my sony DW-D26a DVD writer, it doesn’t recognise CD-R’s when i come to burn but will burn DVD’s most times, any solution or suggestions?


Hi & welcome :slight_smile:

Does it choke on CD-R only or also on pressed CD’s? Have you updated the firmware lately (JYS3 seems to be the last available version - just unzip and run the executable)?


hi, it doesn’t recognise normal cd’s either. Firmware at present is JYS2, just installed the firmware given above, thankyou but still doesn’t work. The message i get is please enter a writable CD or the drive is not ready. i have tried different types of CD-R of which none work, you advice would be very appreciated, thanks in advance.


It could be the CD-laser isn’t working properly any more, while the DVD-laser still does (this happens quite often and there is little or nothing you can do about it - unless you want to start fiddling with the laser adjustments, which may do more harm than good and possibly not solve anything, if the laser is really dead).

Before deciding to replace the drive you can still try the following:

  • try booting the PC from a bootable CD (like your XP installation CD)
  • try cleaning the laser lens (cleaning disc, canned air,…)
  • test the drive in another PC (to exclude it’s some software related issue)

Good luck!


In have the same drive…went to the Liteon site and downloaded both 1673S and 1693S firmware. When launching both executables, it stated that I had the wrong drive and that this was the Sony DW-D26A with JYS3. So does this mean that my drive is ok? I’ve had trouble getting computers to boot from DVD using Linux ISOs so thought I may have old firmware. Please advise. Thanks in advance.