Sony DW-D26A down..grade?

I am not very knowledgeable in the domain of DVD writers, but I am hoping that someone might be of assistance to me here; it’s been killin’ me for over a year having to cope with this, and recently, it’s gotten worse.

I have a PS2, and I have my shelf in my closet with games that are rarely touched after I back them up. A big setback to this is that my burner, the Sony DW-D26A, will not burn slower than 6x speed, and after trying to do some research, I found out that I might be able to flash my drive with a different firmware version and be able to burn at the slower speeds. Due to the seemingly (to someone who hasn’t previously performed such a task) complex process of drive flashing, I decided that I would be better and safer off just leaving the burning to a friend’s compy with a drive that could burn at 2.4x speed, since games almost never work when burned any faster.

However, not too long ago, my friend’s computer got pretty messed up due to god-knows-what, rendering many hardware parts useless, including the DVD writer. Though he’s repaired the system, the writer replacement itself wasn’t much of a priority on his list, since it wasn’t imperative to the computer’s operation.

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So my question resumes where it left off: Can I change the firmware on my Sony DW-D26A so that it can burn slower? Possibly to an older one? If maximum speeds are reduced, that’s not much of a concern to me. It also seems that this drive of mine is equivalent to a LiteON 1653S, so I guess you guys don’t exactly HAVE to bring that up, though I do realize it adds to the pool of firmware in question. Looking at the code guys’ firmware page, I see the compatible speeds, but they seem to be… max speeds? It doesn’t seem as if I can see all the supported write speeds.

Is there a solution for me anywhere?
JYS2 is my current firmware version. Running WinXP Pro.

That “burn slower to get good results” crap is just a myth.

Personally, actual experience has proved otherwise. Therefore, I still ask for any solutions.

DW-D26A is a rebadge of LiteOn [B]1673[/B]S. Drives from that series and newer don’t support 4x anymore on most media.

:disagree: Leo

What a disappointment. Thank you for your response.