Sony dw-d26a can't read cds only dvds

basically it was fine and dandy i was burning some cd’s using Verbatim (100 disc spindle) like I"ve been using since I got this burner almost a year ago. Anyways I got a burn failure error in nero startmart 6.0 and after that it stopped reading the blank cd’s and retail cds. I went through your forums but I don’t think anyone ever fixed this problem. I’ve seen it happen but nope nothing…what info do you need from me…I"m running windows xp prof., the actual burner is a sony dw-d26a (oem) <- Yeah i know no tech support for this…alot of you have the same problem with no results but i think i’m at a loss…although… claims they have a solution but you need to pay to use there site:

They have a solution for $$$…

Well, you should update Nero to first.
Then check in Devicemanager if the drive is properly recognized.

You even could probably crossflash this drive.
It’s an Liteon 1673 in disguise, could be upflashed to an 1693 drive, AFAIK.

But make a backup first!