Sony DW-D26A @ 1673S DVD Burning Issues

I’m having problems with my DW-D26A (officialflashed to 1673S JS0B, then patched with media fixes in OmniPatcher).

I am using PRODISCR02 media, which when burned with my 451S (GSBC) gives great results (attached below).

Using the 1673S, Nero burned a disc without incident, so I immediately ran KProbe with the 1673S. Unfortunately, KProbe started giving servo errors, so I ejected the disc and put it back in to see if that would fix it. Well, the disc wouldn’t load anymore, in either of my burners. No KProbe scan is available :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried again. This time, I used the PRODISCR03 strategy at 6x to burn another disc from the same spindle. This time, as I was burning stuff across my (100base0TX) network, a buffer underrun occurred. However, after rebuffering, the 1673S did not resume burning. A hard power off was required to get the burner to eject the DVD. Needless to say, it was another coaster.

I’ve burnt another disc. This time, Nero hung at the end [99%]*. This disc burned terribly (PRODISCR03 @ 4x, self-added), however, it was readable in all of my DVD writers. The LTC-48161H did not fare as well. A KProbe scan is posted below, it is the second image. Pretty, no?

*Apparantly, is a really really old version made two years before the 1673S, so I assume it isn’t supported (See the Nero log). In order to unlock the drive without rebooting, I started a KProbe scan, pressed the stop button, restarted Nero, then asked Nero to eject the disc. I guess that’s a “solution” for people who have the Nero Lead-Out Hang™