Sony DW-D23A does not read DVDs

I have a Sony DW-D23A DVD-RW, it worked very well with DVDs, both burning and reading, some day it just didn’t want to write or read to DVDs which I can use with other DVD drives, it reads regular CDs very well tho.

After a while I did a format and the drive still doesn’t want to work with DVDs.

I searched the web a lot and tried some sort of things, such as a new and popular FirmWare update for my drive (CT0 I think) and installed ASIP 4.6 drivers (which I hell don’t know what they do) and the drive still refuses to work!

I really need it, I “survived” a lot of time without a DVD drive but I can’t continue anymore, please help me.

Important specs:
WinXP Pro SP2
ASIP 4.6
Sony DW-D23A DVD-RW with CT0 (I think) FirmWare
nForce 4 Ultra with 6.66 drivers

Great thanks and excuse my grammer.

The DVD laser is probably dead. Does it read/write cd’s ok? If so, then it is definately the DVD laser (DVDs and CDs use different lasers).

Check out your warrenty status for the laptop it came in.

Thanks for your reply.

It’s a desktop drive in a desktop computer.

As for the optic eye (laser), can I open the drive and just clean it? May it work?


Sorry, thought that drive was a laptop drive.

If the drive can read/burn cds but not dvds, then it is a functional problem with the dvd laser and not just the lens being dirty. Both lasers share the same lens.

So I’m going to have to buy a new DVD-RW? :frowning:

don’t be too upset, great burners go for as little as $35-$40 on

I wish I could buy from NewEgg, I’m from Israel, the pirces are a bit higher in here but I can get the new NEC for around 65$.

Thanks for your help.