Sony DW-D23A = 1653?



Hi All

I’ve just received a Sony DW-D23A as a replacement to my DW-U18A and I can’t find too much info about it. I did a search and there seems to be conflicting opinions on what drive it is. From what I can work out it’s a 1653, but may be a 1673. Omnipatcher seems to think it’s a 1653…

        Drive type: SOHW-1653S
     Vendor string: SONY
    Product string: DVD RW DW-D23A
 Firmware revision: CYS1
Firmware timestamp: Jan10 ,2005

Does anyone have the definitive answer?


I’ve been wondering the same thing myself after reading on another forum that the D23A was a 1673S but then why is there a D26A :confused:. I think OmniPatcher has answered the question. The other indicator would be the max speed of DVD±RW; 4x for a 1653S and 8x/6x for a 1673S…

Should be a good drive with CS0M, Sony ID, LedFix firmware :smiley:

Can you send dhc014 and myself the firmware. TIA.


The write speeds would seem to confrim that it’s a 1653, RW is 4x and DVD-R is 12x. I just didn’t want to flash it with the wrong firmware without being 100%.

Firmware will be on it’s way to you in a sec :slight_smile:


Here’s something odd (other than a good burn with a ProdiscS03 :D), DVDSpeed says “Recorded with SONY DW-D24A”, not sure if that means anything or if there’s just a bug in the program…


Well I’ve flashed it to CS0M and it seems to be working, so I guess it’s a 1653.

I have to say after owning a 812 it’s nice to have a drive that just burns well on anything, I can finally use up all the media on the shelf I had given up on :smiley:


could it be that sony oem drives have stored the drivename string in the eeprom? i see a lot of scans with “SONY DWD2xA CS0x” in the recorded with field in nero cdvd speed. stock drives don’t display this, there’s always the firmware internal string displayed (as with my sony dru710a).



i would like to know this as well :slight_smile:

as ever sc00terx


Did you try flashing yours to a 1673? I don’t fancy doing it with my own drive :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the firmware :). Looks like a good drive and since it’s a 53S you get the bi-color led.

The NS displayed ID is in the firmware of both CYS1 and CS0M. NS must use an unusual method of getting the drive ID and yes chok0 your probably right, there would appear to be a flag in the EEPROM of the OEM drives that cause this string to be reported rather than the normal ID, as my Liteon 1653S doesn’t do it. The wierd thing is why is it D24A and not D23A :confused:. shrugs I guess someone goofed…

Are you sure about the RW speeds of the D23A? A 1653S is 4x DL but only 4x RW.



Sony DWU-23A 16x16 DVD±RW Dual Layer ReWriter (Ivory) - OEM (CD-036-SO)
Sony’s amazing new DWU 23A is the next generation Dual Layer DVD recorder for your PC that brings together all the popular formats in a single drive: DVD+R and DVD+RW, as well as CD-R and CD-RW. Includes Buffer Underrun Protection Technology and All popular DVD formats are supported-eliminate the worry in choosing a DVD recordable drive.

  • 4X DVD+R DL Double Layer burning
  • 16X max. DVD+R/-R burning
  • 8X max. DVD+RW/-RW burning
  • 48X max. CD-R & 24X max. CD-RW burning
    from h**p://

as ever sc00terx


sc00terx, DWU-23A and DW-D23A? Are we talking about two different drives here? What firmware version does a DWU-23A use?


hmm so DWU is not the same as a DW ?? as for the firmware not even got it in my pc yet as when i was waiting for the drive to get here i put in my SOHW-1653S and me plextor but it looks like the DW-D23A is the same drive as the above SOHW-1653S hmm am lost now

as ever sc00terx :confused: :confused: :confused:


DWD and DWU are different drive types…?!

i think so, but can’t really believe it… why does sony sell it’s drives under so many different names?


well the DW-U18A was a single layer drive (812) and the DW-D18A was a dual layer drive (832). Not sure what a DW-U23A could be, maybe a typo?


Sony has done this in the past but the other way around.

DW-U18A was an 812S
DW-D18A was an 832S

and then they had two models of each of these that was not indicated by the drive number but instead by the firmware version. One had a gear driven tray and the other a belt driven tray, which had to be driven in the reverse direction. Argh!!!


hmm i got one drive here it has DW-23A but on the web site it has
Sony DWU-23A 16x16 DVD±RW Dual Layer ReWriter (Black) - OEM (CD-035-SO)
Sony DWU-23A 16x16 DVD±RW Dual Layer ReWriter (Ivory) - OEM (CD-036-SO)
Sony DWU-23A 16x16 DVD±RW Dual Layer ReWriter (Silver) - OEM (CD-037-SO)

so whats with the DW-23A and DWU-23A ?? am a bit pissed off if i have 2 SOHW-1653S but then again its beter than haveing just the broken DW-D22A
btw what is a DW-22A :stuck_out_tongue:

as ever sc00terx


Here’s a DW-23A that didn’t like 1673S/720A firmware JY03:


@ C0deKing how meny drives do liteon/sony bring out in a year it looks like a dam lot :frowning: ah well i wont be geting eny more dvdrw`s for a bit or will i :slight_smile:

thanks for all the info C0deKing and all of you :slight_smile:

the list of liteon/sony dvdrw`s i have is // whats the best firmware for each

DW-D22A best for this drive would be ??
DW-D23A best for this drive would be ??
SOHW-832S best for this drive would be ??
SOHW-1653S best for this drive would be ??

and would i notice mutch between the D23A and a D26A

as ever sc00terx


Sc00terx, glad I could help.

Sony brings out about the same amount as Liteon. Their numbering is not quite so obvious. I’m still intreged by this DW-D and DWU saga.

DW-D22 = BYX3 or CS0M
DW-D23 = BYX3 or CS0M
SOHW-832S = VS0G or CY58
SOHW-1653S = CS0M or BYX3

The D26A is better at DVD and the D23A is better at CD.


so i now have 3 drives the same ??

DW-22/DW-23/SOHW-1653S all can use CS0M or BYX3

ah well

as ever sc00terx