Sony DW-D22a

So I have a Sony DW D22A and it reads blank dvds, and any dvds really. But I put a cd in and it wont read it. Im running currently the bys2 firmware, tried the 3 but didnt like it so much, more errors on the dvds, it burns dvds and plays them, just not cds. Any ideas?

cd part is dead, most likely.

I have the same problem. How can the CD- part just go dead? When I used it last time, everything worked just fine, and now (about 3 weeks later) the drive just doesn`t recognise any cd, just dvds.
Is there anything else that could cause this problem (something that can be fixed, hopefully…)? New firmware or something?

Thanks in advance

Hi Stjaernfall, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Try booting from your Windows CD - that will eliminate any software reason for the CD part not working.

Unfortunately, if it won’t even boot from a CD, then I’d say the CD laser is dead (yes, it does happen - there are two separate lasers, one for CDs, one for DVDs, to my knowledge).

Thanks for the fast answer!
I have to admit that I don’t know really much about computers…so I just put in the Windows- CD into that drive and restart the pc? I don’t have to install windows again, do I?

You may have to go into your BIOS (press DEL as soon as the PC - not Windows - boots up. It should tell you “Press [this key] to enter Setup” or something at startup) and alter the Boot Sequence, so it boots from the CD before the hard drive.

But yep, just put the Windows CD in the drive, and restart your PC…if it doesn’t boot from the CD, follow the steps above. You won’t have to reinstall Windows. If all is good and it boots from the CD, hit the reset button and remove the CD :slight_smile:

BTW, if anyone else can explain altering the Boot Sequence better than me, feel free. I’m crap at explaining things :bigsmile:

Now, now, Arachne, your explanation is perfectly clear! :flower:

Stjaernfall, try to clean your drive. Maybe this will do the trick.

Ok, by what I read until now in the forum I’m getting a bit scared to do something wrong…how do I clean my drive? I already learned not to use a cleaning cd :wink:

I’m not talking about cleaning CD. The best way (but somewhat risky) is to open your drive, and to clean the dust with compressed air or something. Then you could clean lense with very soft, gentle cloth…
But, did you try booting your Windows CD?

The booting from the Windows- CD didn’t work, I just tried. So I guess the cd part is really dead. So I´ll settle for saving my data on dvd until I find a new drive for a reasonable price. Certainly not a Sony again; any recommendations?

Well, if I were you, I would tried to clean the drive’s lense.

I have the same drive and the same problem.
I dind’t know that the drive has two lense.
any software to try to clean the lense? or is dead and I have to buy a new cd/r drive?
Many thanks.