Sony dw-d22a writing speed

hi im from argentina… i d like you to help me please!!

i have a sony dw d22a and I cant burn any dvd at 1x or 2x… what can i do to force it to burn at those speeds?? i can only burn at 4x 8 x or 18 x… and i just want t o do it at 2x so my ps2 can read them!

please help me


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Personally I think it’s a fallacy that burning at 1x or 2x is required for ps2 discs. It’s the quality of the burn that is important and with modern drives and good quality media, this can be achieved at 4x and above. Also I understand that +R bitset to -ROM can work well also.

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Sorry… So What Should I Do To Make It Work?

you can`t, get quality +R media bitsett to dvd-rom and burn at 4X or higher. then scan your discs at 4X with kprobe and do a transfer rate test using nero cd speed.

is the sony dw d22a a Sony product?? A family member has this drive but cant find FW. On reading i saw that this drive is a Liteon?? anyone know? thanks guys…sasarchiver

Yes, the d22a is a rebadged Liteon 1633S. BYS3 is the latest firmware and you’ll find this on dhc014’s brilliant firmware collection site here.

It can also be crossflashed to much newer and better firmware that you will find on my site. I would recommend the Sony 710A firmware BYX3, which is basically 1653S firmware for the 710A/1633S. There’s also a LED fix version that changes the led operation to green for reading and red for writing. :wink:

Please note that flashing to the 710A firmware voids the warranty.

althought I tried almost every FW for SONY and Lite-On (last time CS0K and mentioned BYS3) I have still the same problem while burning DVD. When I control the DVD by KProbe, at least one PIF peak is more than 200!! :confused: The rest is OK - up to 4. Does anyone has an idea where can be a problem? Thanx.

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I need some more information but it sounds like the DVD-R apparition. The scan displays spikes that are not really there. Try a Nero CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test and see if you get a smooth CAV curve or a scan disk/surface test, to see if there are any bad blocks.

Thanx for reply. Tomorrow I’ll try that and add the pictures from KProbe.
Some more details:
I can play the DVD on my desktop DVD player, but it freezes (?? don’t know right english expression:-//) sometimes.
SONY DWD22A is connected as secondary master (DMA mode), harddisk as primary master, CD-RW Asus as primary slave.
I used this media Verbatim DVD-R 4x, SONY DVD-R 4x, SONY DVD+R 4x, SONY DVD-R 8x - only Verbatim DVD+RW is OK - no such a high peaks

I add the pictures from KProbe, Nero CD-DVD speed and CD speed ScanDisk. There are no bad blocks, but there are reading speed problems on quite same positions as high PIF in KProbe.
Then I found, that when I open any FW for 1653 or DRU710 in Omnipatcher, it only displays RW and R9 media as supported and error message appears (see the picture). Finally I solved the problem by downgrading back to 1633S.BS0S - now it burns OK :wink: But I don’t understand why… :confused: