ok, so heres the rundown:
i was burning a CD, a music cd. it stalled on the last track and wouldnt do anything at all. just sat there. i was patient and waited and finally, the software (Nero said that burning failed. so i closed that and tried to eject the cd. it wouldnt eject. now, i suppose i should have just tried to restart the computer. however, i didnt and used the pinhole eject method and used a hairpin to eject the tray. when i did this, the cd spun around and around on the tray (i could hear it) and then i got it out. so i tested that cd out in a dvd player (it worked, completely actually) and then i comenced to burning the next cd in the collection that i was burning. at this point is when i discovered that it wouldnt do anything at all. it just kept saying insert a blank disc and wouldnt even acknowledge that there was a disc in the drive (i tried many blank cds) after that i tried out already burned cds and stuff. nothing works now. i upgraded the firmware to BYS3 successfully, still the same thing happens. its a little over 2 years old. i just wanted to know if any of you had any advice as of right now, before i tear into it.

thanks in advance.

Test it in another computer…

Tried with reading CDs and writing and reading DVDs?