Sony Dw-D22a won't do ANYTHING cept read DVD's

this is indeed my first post, but not my first time to this forum. I’m a frequent viewer and can usually find what i’m looking for nearly instantly. Thanks again for being so badass :stuck_out_tongue:

HOWEVER, now i’m in a pickle :frowning:

i’ve searched, and read, and searched and read for hours on this forum trying to address my situation.

I have a Sony DW-D22A that randomly QUIT reading any form of cd. I’ve gone through all sorts of firmware setups, and found the closest i can get to operating fully is only being able to read DVDs… and that’s IT. No burning of DVDs, no burning of CDs, no reading of CDs.

I’m currently firmware’d up to DW-D22A with BYS3 (though i’m not entirely sure what BYS3 indicates).


Thanks in advance!

  • Polarbear -

Test the drive in another computer, best advice to find out problems.

same thing :frowning:

still doesn’t work in two other computers… same problems :(:(:frowning: