Sony DW-D22A, what should i do?



I have bought a DW-D22A a few weeks ago, basically, my primary use of the drive is to backup files, and i have been having all sort of problems.
Basically, i cant read the DVDs very well on other drives, and some of them even on the same recorder, after burn success the dvd cannot be read.
Also, on some other DVD readers/writers i have experienced reading problem, i can usually read the first 30% of the files and not the rest.
Also, FYI i had tryied to backup 2 of my PS2 games and they wont play on my PS2 (yes, its modded).

I have been reading the forums all wide and i saw its possible to upgrade the firmware to BYS3 (im using BYS2) or also go for the LineOn one, which will add some functions and led-fixes.

My question is quite simple, what should i choose to do?

  1. Upgrade the firmware to BYS3, would solve all the problems?
  2. Upgrade the to the LiteON one?
  3. Return the drive back and get a LG brand one as replacement?
    (i still didnt read any reviews of LG ones, but i heard they are better, are they?

Should i just replace my drive for the LG one, or stuck with this one and convert it to a LiteOn?

thanks for the help…


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What media are you using? Use Nero CD-DVD Speed to do a quality test of the disc and then [thread=119042]post the result[/thread].

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here are the results you requested, with a media i burned 2 days ago, its an Imation DVD-R 8x media… maybe you understand more than me the results? :slight_smile:


That’s the transfer rate test. The quality test is in the Extra menu ;). Make sure you do it at 4x scan speed.


Oh, sorry, here are the results then…


That’s the one :). Oh dear, fujifilm03 doesn’t seem to be burning well in your drive but that’s not unusual for this media. PIFs should be 4 or less and PIs should be 280 or less (preferably below 140). My suggestion would be to get some different media. If you want -R try Verbatim or TY media (not counterfeit).


well, i dunno if i want -R o +R, i just want my files to be right, i dont care how… :confused:
Besides, i have already tryied with Verbatim, actually i have a +R 8x media already burned here, i’ll do the same quality test now and post the results for you.
thanks for your time… :slight_smile: :bow:


So, here are the graph for a Verbatim x8 +R media… think its worst, isnt it?
wth should i do with this drive??? :frowning:


Ouch!!! :o What an ugly burn… :a
Is there another dvd burner you could read this disc in?

C0deKing, do you think perhaps a RLM will help the cause? :iagree:


may i ask what is RLM? i still with the problems, dunno what to do…


Go here
Download the EEPROM Utility for Lite-On drives v2.0.7.
Click “backup” AND SAVE your current EEPROM (for safety sake)
Click “Rest Learnt Media” (RLM). This wil force the drive to use defaults on the next burn.


main question is… should i start playing/upgrading/fixing the firmware/eeprom or just return the drive back and change for an LG one?
Would this sony work better as a liteon firmware rather than switch for an LG?


if you want a trouble free time change the drive for an NEC BENQ or LG… I find the LG has the most consistent results across the spectrum, but Benq and NEC are better with certain medias. But get rid of the LiteOn / Sony for gods sake… even after changing roms and stuff its dodgy. One plus point with NEC and Benq is that you can do these quality scans you have been doing, but you wont go wrong with any of those 3 burners. Good Luck!



i cant do the quality tests with the LG one?
i cannot go for a NEC of BENQ one simply coz they dont have it… just a LG or a SONY


oh well, you can either have quality burns and no testing, or quality tests and bad burns… I’ve got 2 LG 4163’s myself, and my friend has one. Using TY media I have tested maybe 5 out of 200 burned and they are all perfect


creizlein, that MCC003 burn is out of character for the Sony D22A. Your drive is faulty :sad:. This is the biggest problem with Liteon based drives, quality control! My suggestion, based on your choices, would be to give the Liteon another go (preferably a D26A if you can) and see how that one performs. Having the quality scan is a big plus. Don’t bother crossflashing your faulty drive to Liteon firmware but if your replacement drive is a good one, there are certainly benefits to be had from flashing to the latest Liteon firmware. :wink:


well, thanks for the tips then, u had help me to make a choice, i will return this drive and get a new one (Sony) and then if its performs good flash it to a liteon
(unfortunatly, i cant choose many models, they have sony or LG, no others)

thanks again.


Look’s like a bad drive! Take it back and get a new one. I have the retail of this drive (DRU710A) and it burns great.