Hi Everyone!

Okay…I’ve searched through the forum and haven’t managed to find definative solutions to the, what seems, “wide-spread” DW-D22A problems.

My problem is this…I can’t write to DVD-R, using NERO/Roxio (Native XP)…not an uncommon problem I know but what makes this one a bit spooky is this: My drive worked perfect in every way up until last week when I re-installed XP coz my system was running like poo! So, something appears to have changed at OS level. As far as I can see, everything is the same as prior to the rebuild. The firmware on the drive came shipped with BYS2 and my OS has ASPI 4.6 installed.

Just to add to this confusion even further, a friend of mine has recently purchaed a brand new PC which came shipped with a DW-D22A and he is seeing the exact same problems!

Any help will be greatly appreaciated.


Fixed it! It was Nero.

Removed it and reinstalled it! Go figure!

i just flashed my d22a to liteon-1633s and works better all across the board. Before that i had all kinds of problems with any media except for ricoh jpnro1’s. I used omnipatcher and discovered that bys2 supports less media then the latest 1633s firmware(BS0S) so that was probably my problem along with some other obvious burning optimizations i got out of it.

but thats usually a more drastic measure, sometimes its just a bad ide cable, bad ide drivers, running in pio mod not dma, bad install of nero, if checking all that doesnt help and then maybe some more, then consider cross-flashing those d22a’s because sony doesnt support them and theres 1000000x times more support software availble to liteon drives.

Thanks for the info CDX.

Just when I thought I had it figured something else bizarre has happend!

After I reinstalled Nero…everything was fine. I could read/burn CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R without any problems…BUT check this out. After I successfully burned a CD-R with Nero I can no longer read CD-R, CD-RW or Pre-recorded CD’s!! DVD’s still seem compatible. I flashed the drive to BS41 (lite-on) but this has made no difference.

I’m tempted to take this drive into the back yard and smash it to tiny pieces with a sledge hammer and then set fire to its remains!!!

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Are you using the latest version of Nero.