Sony DW-D22A not burning!



Hello there.This is my first post but I am not new to this great site.Once i had problem with my DVD and searched almost anywhere and did not found the answer.And then to my suprise i found here at least 10 people with the exact problem writing in a topic about solutions.That helped me very much so thanks mates.However i need a hint again.
I have Sony DW-D22A and i am using nero,but i dont know why i cant record any DVDs.The problem is that when i put a brand-new blank DVD in my DVDROM then add some data to record for example 2GB and then i check everything seems fine but when i click on the burn icon it says “Please insert a writable DVD”.I am sure that there is some error because i have recorded many many DVDs the same way.Also i have not done anything unusual soon.Please help me.
Thanks in advance


Do you have Alcohol (or any other software that “hides” the disc type) installed on your system?

Also, can it read DVD media OK?



Thanks for the fast response.Yes i used deamon tools,but uninstalled it.that was 3-4 months ago.


OK…there might be remnants of DT on your system.

Can you download CD-DVD Speed (or find it in the Nero Toolkit), pop one of the problem discs in, and post the MID info under the “Disc Info” tab?

Also, running Nero InfoTool and posting the output would be handy, so we can see if there are indeed parts of Daemon Tools still on your system :slight_smile:


I dont think that thats the problem,because yesterday i have recorded a dvd and there was no problem.As i have said before-i have removed Dtools before 3 months.
However i will give you the information that you requested,just wait a while or if you have some work dont wait ill just post here


Thanks. As for DT, it probably isn’t the cause, but that’s why I asked for an InfoTool output, so we can see what’s going on software and driver-wise on your system.


Okay mate ill give you the info thanks for the support.By the way the problem is not on my computer,but on a friend of mine and hes giving me all the information and thats why Im a little late with my replies


Hehe, no problem. :slight_smile: