Sony DW-D22A error: Drive does not accept any cue sheet variant

I am using a Lite-On rebranded as a Sony DW-D22A. When attempting to burn a data cd with cdrdao/burnatone on Windows XP I get the following error:

ERROR: Drive does not accept any cue sheet variant -

The original firmware was BYS2, but the error also occurs on BYS1 and BYS3. I couldn’t find much help on the innernet about this error and though someone here may know.

The drive was defective. It was tested in another machine with different burning software.

i was gonna say either the drive/firmware was bad, or the software you were using was bad because the drive shouldn’t really care what you try to burn, but the software might

So you are saying that your drive originally was Lite On and then you crosseflashed it to dw-d22a? If your drive used to burn well before flashing then obviously it doesn’t get along with new firmware.