Sony dw-d22a dead afterflash help

I hav problem with sony, yesterday I Change frimware to yJ02 and after restart the drive is not detected in windows (in bios yes) and the green lamp is blink.
I try to reload orginal frimware using mtkflash (dos) and:
I create a boot disk a:
my dvd+r is on second master so I type: mtkflash 3 w /b BYS3.bin
ind it write: port 170, master/slave a0 and nothing… when I give Esc its write: err something with 51 should be 71

Then i try MtkWinFlash and when i Flashing the program give me this:

Press Browse Load Bin/Hex & Flash
ERR: fail to identify the flash type!

I try todisconet Idm in bios nothing change, in nero info tool thehe is no this drive PLEAS HELP I have only this dvd 1 month

What’s the version uf MtkFlash.


Take a look here.

:confused: is there a place to download BYS3.bin file. The site that is mentioned here is down. Please help as I flashed my dw-d22a to a liteon drive. i need to flash it back to a sony dw-d22a. HELP!!!


dont worry be qll your drive is (oem SOHW-1633S) so i think u can use

go there

or there

I have a SOHW-1633S or a SOHW-1653S… I see both firmware choices… I guess I can try both and see which gives me a coaster and which one doesn’t… lol


If u got dw-d22a == oem SOHW-1633S

u can flash dw-d22a whit cf FW from 1653s :S

I have the exact same problem stated in the first post I’ve tried every combonation of working flash bin for my d22a and ide locations. I get the exact errors as above with mtkflash and mtkwinflash unfortunately I wasn’t paying attentiona nd I flashed qo 1693s instead of 1653s anyway I feel like this is my last resort here any ideas on how to get mtkflash to work correctly?

I flashed my dw-d22a with 1653s and now the write speeds have gotten slower. I now wish I hadn’t flashed it at all. I found a flash called Bys3win.exe that is suppose to flash the dw-d22a but since I already flashed it with SOHW-1653S it tells me there is no Sony drive to flash. I had BYS2 previously. Does anyone have a current BYS2 or BYS3 available in bin format or exeutable that will write over my current Liteon firmware? I just want to go back to the way it was.


I do :smiley: . Go to my site

I had the same problem,plus strange noises but then i flashe with
sony 710a byx4 and it is working better than ever.
i can even burn on 8x dvd at 12x with perfect results.
i would recommend it! you will be happy…
my d22a is now a 710a lol but it work better than when i bought it new…
good luck

PS:use the stock byx4