Sony DW-D22A crossflashed

hey, ive got a dw-d22a as you can see lol i previously had firmware bys3 but i jus crossflashed it to a dw-710a with firmware byx5, is this the best way to have my drive, i NEVER had even one single problem with burning dvd’s or cd’s, datawrite optima blue wiv ritekgo5 dye dvd-r 8x are my usual dvd’s (Cant fault them lol) and i use verbatim datalife plus super azo crystal CD-r which i find the best cd media money can buy… BUT i need to be able to burn these cd’s at 2x for convenience, can any1 help me please? :confused:

also i have a sony crx320e flashed with nky5 but it doesnt do a damn thing, doesnt read/write much of anything, can i crossflash this to a better drive? if so which firmware??

Burning them at 2x, FOR WHAT PURPOSE?

Explained countless times in this forum, burning at 2x will give you next to nothing.

burning at 2x for pstwo game backup compatibility…

its not COMPLETELY necessary that i am able to burn cds at 2x or 4x but it would be nice, oviously without losing fast dvd writing speeds the slowest i can get a cd at is 8x but my modded ps2 slimline is not 2 happy with this speed burn, and i have been told numerous times to burn at a slowe speed… thing is… i cant! lol please help?

p.s when i crossflashed my DW-d22a to the 710a i used omnipatcher to enable 2X and 4X burns on ritekgo5 dvd-r as this is my dvd, is the 710a better than the lite-on version i can crossflash 2? (i cant remember what drive it is exactly i just kno u can do it).

Using originals is the easiest way.