Sony DW-D22A crossflash to DRU-710A procedures?

Ok, I’ve looked all around and haven’t seen step-by-step instructions or a tutorial (maybe I just missed it looking through the forums), but I’d like some help crossflashing my Sony DW-D22A (Firmware version: BYS1) to the best firmware version for the Sony DRU-710A (I’ve read that they’re the same drive). Or is there a better firmware I should use? Highlights in RED I’d really like answered.

What do I need to do? Tell me if this seems right or if I need to change or add anything.

What I downloaded:
1.) Firmware: Sony DRU-710A “BYX5 - patched - crossflashing, multi-colored LED” (Is this the correct one?) from the site

2.) I downloaded EEPROM_Utility-3.1.0

3.) and also downloaded LtnFW 1.0.0.

What to do now?:
Seeing that the file I downloaded is an executable, I wouldn’t need to use EEPROM Utility or LtnFW except for backup purposes (which I already did). So do I just run the .exe file (Sony.710A.BYX5.patched-cf-mcled.exe) and that’s it? Do I need to do anything else?

Next question:
How do I undo the change if I don’t like the results?

Thanks in advance!

if you want to flash your DWD22 with the codesguys BYX5 all you need to do is double-click on the file!!!
If you want to backward just download BYS1 at the Codeguys site and double-click on it!!!
Your DWD22 and a DRU710 are identical!

Do you recommed flashing to the SONY DRU-710A? or simply the BYS3? I’ve read the DRU-710A is a better firmware which will result in better performance than the BYSx firmware versions. Thanks for your reply!

Yes the DRU-710A is a better firmware, plus the led turn red when burning :slight_smile:

But seriusly, I just upgraded to BYS3 and had lots of problems burning and verifyng with Nero 7, had to throw more than 10 dvds, then read your post and try to crossflash… voila, no more problems, plus the led thingy.

Total Agree. DRU-710A BYX5 is much better firmware. I crossflash my 1633s and the quality is so much better, and in fact it is my best DL burner now. However, I have a 1693 and when I crossflash to DRU-800A, the bad is much worst than my liton stock firmware. I had reverse the crossflash for my 1693. Anyone has try crossflash liteon 1693 to Sony DRU-800A?

SWEET! I’m glad my post helped others as well. I’ve actually been caught up and forgot to crossflash, woops! I’ll do it tonight before I shutdown my computer for the night. Thanx! What improvemnts have you noticed? Can you burn in 12x mode for DVD-R?

I x-flased my 1693 to the DRU800A KY06 firmware. This firmware works better with the CMC media I have than the stock Lite-on firmware.

I think codeguys´ KC4B works even better with this CMC media.

I will use Sony DRU800 KY06 for a while to see how good it handles Maxell -R 8x (made in Japan) media.

HELP! My old 8x DVD-R’s can only burn at 6x now. What happened? How do I fix this? Tell me if this sounds right. Load the file into OmniPatcher and look up the DVD code and click 8x? Any ideas? Thanks! Other than that I have ZERO complaints on the crossflash. :slight_smile: Thanks.

using the firmware Sony DRU-710A “BYX5 - patched - crossflashing, multi-colored LED” (listed in the first post), has anyone been able to burn any DVD-R media at 12x?, if so, what brand was used…i only have 8x as my max speed using Verbatim DVD-R 16x media and was wondering if anyone else had this problem and/or a fix. thx in advance

Well, I did what I thought I needed to do and it worked. Thanks though. BTW, any know why my new 16x media doesn’t play in my new DVD player, it was manufactured on aug 2005, but all my older media works fine.

I wanted to try that too, but I’m haven’t gotten around to it. Let me know what you find out and if it works for you and with what media. Thanks.

well, the only way i got my drive to recognize/give me the option of burning a 16x DVD-R media @ 12x was when i flashed my drive with the CSOT firmware, but even tho the flash was successful, the drive light would constantly flash…even after a cold boot. so i was worried and flashed back to the BYX5 with mcled. still cant burn cds @ 48 times; it might be the cds tho (52x HP cd-r) i seem to recall that a dru710a will burn @ 48x CAV where as i think my CDs are P-CAV

@ any admin
i think that there might be a problem w/ the link for the CSOR w/ mcled b/c after i downloaded the file and opened it, it said that the file was corrupt, tho after using the link found in another thread i got the file. meh, might just be a problem w/ my side tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, sounds like it’d cause a problem.

And not that it’s user error but sometimes unique hardware/software configurations can change things. Try opening the BYX5 file with omnipatcher and look up the DVD code and select 12x for that particular media, that way it won’t mess with anything else. Let me know how that works.

well, ive started using the CS0R FB patch and its alright but it doesnt like my RITEK 04 media…i still havent burned any -R media, but im hoping that the CS0T FB patch will be even better and will like all the media i throw at it :stuck_out_tongue: and then ill burn the Verbatim -R @ 12x :bigsmile:

So have you tried it yet? I still haven’t gotten around to it. Been busy fixing other ppl’s computers.

lol, no. im still waiting until the CS0T FB patch is out :stuck_out_tongue:

I just flashed my DW-D22A to teh DRU-710A with no problem but once i tried to burn a 16x disc in nero with the max speed set to 12x the burn failed. that sucked but i thought the LED turning red while burning was cool

which particular media are u using? (MID)…and i assume u CF to the BYX5…rite?, as that one is the latest FW release for the 710a. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the 710a has a nice stable firmware. You can’t go wrong with it (esp. compared to the BYSx versions for the D22-A).

I keep getting a ‘gateway timeout’ for the codeguys links. I need the Firmware: Sony DRU-710A "BYX5 - patched - crossflashing, multi-colored LED file. Does anyone have a copy I can get elsewhere please?