Sony DW-D22A burned DVDS can't play in DVD player



I recently bought a sony DW-D22A dual layer DVD burner from I bought verbatim DVD +R 8X DVDs from bestbuy. I tried using Nero 6 and dvd shrink.I was able to burn DVDS OK and I can play on PC perfectly. But I can’t play those in my DVD player Apex.I know My DVD player can play DVD +Rs, I watched borrowed burned DVDs from my friend. Those are DVD + 4X. Could anyone tell me how to make my burned DVDs to play in my Apex DVD player. What’s wrong burner or media ???


@ gvardhan
Do the discs that you burnt and don’t play in your stand-alone player, play in another stand-alone player? I might try to bitset future discs that you burn to ‘dvd-rom’ to help with the compatability issues.

The other thing it might possibly be is bad quality burns, although you are using fairly good quality media. You can check your results with Kprobe 2.4.2 BLER scans(scanned at 4x scan speed the forum standard for comparison). You can read Interpreting PI/PO error scans to find out what these graphs mean. PI/PO is now referred to as PI/PIF Attaching disc quality scans to your post of the offending discs will help us help you.


Thanks for Reply.
What is bitsetting and what is booktype ??
How can set bitset on my sony DW-D22A and How can I change boktype to dvd-rom ??? Please Help.
Appreciate your help.


follow the link above for “bitset” for all details. its generally a good idea to set the
booktype to DVD-ROM for better compatibility. But if you are saying APEX DVD player is not playing back a DVD+R disk… the only thing i could think about is the burn quality is pretty bad. I suggest you download Kprobe (again, as mentioned in the previous post) and scan ur burnt disk at 4x speeds. You can also use Nero toolkit to check the PI/PO error scans. all the necessary links have been given in the previous reply… please follow those instructions.


@ gvardhan
Click on the word/link ‘bitset’ in my previous post to answer your questions. However, you said your player recognizes and plays +R media, so that should not be your problem, but it may help in avoiding future compatability problems. I think posting a few kprobes would be of more benefit to you. Can you also answer the question I asked as that is related to the ‘bad burn’ theory.

edit: thanks happymister for the clarification and support…you are quicker than I am:).


Thanks please and happymister,
I downloaded all tools what I needed. I definately think it’s with book type dvd-rom. I will try to change bit type and post kprobe results. I was able to play only borrowd +R dvds from my friend. I can play my burned copies in any computer but not on dvd player. Do you advice me to buy -R dvd and try first then later change bitsetting.I am thinking it’s with that bitsetting !! I will do that and let u know. I will post kprobe results. Thanks for your help.


don’t bother buying -R disks. Liteons prefer +Rs.
and try to stick to Taiyo Yuden DVD+R for best results…

Just to rule out some PC software compatibility with Nero…
try latest DVD shrink and DVD decryptor… and choose the option to save to
hard disk folder as ISO image and burn ISO image with DVD Decryptor.


Cool… Man !! Lite-on book type change application rocks… I changed book type. It’s started working. I burned my DVD and played in my apex player… Wonderful… Thanks for your both help. Thanks happmister and please.