Sony dw-d22a-b2, region free firmware/fix

hello all, im new to this forum.

i recently purchased a dvd writer from newegg, the sony dw-d22a, been checking around and notice that my drive is made by liteon. so i proceed to use the utility located on dhc014 site to make my drive region free.

everything seem to be working ok. i used dvdshrink to rip a region 3 dvd and then burned it to all region. worked beautifully.

now im attempting to do the same only with a region 1 dvd, but im receiving a message that i can change only more time. any ideas how i could fix that?. this would only be my second time doing anything with the drive.

just accept the message. it the windows internal counter.

thanks for the reply… so just for my understand and i apologize ahead of time for the ignorance, i can accept these messages? what will happen when the windows internal counter hits 1 or 0? or will it even? and is there anything else i need to do later on to reset the counter? or does it even matter.?

again i apologize for my lack of understanding :o

does the tool say that the drive isn’t locked anymore? if so, just download DVD-Genie to remove the windows internal counter. more infos on DIGI’s page.