Sony DW-D18A to DRU-700A or Liteon 832S



I just bought a cheap Sony D18A. my question is do i flash it to a sony dru700a or liteon 832s for better performance because i want to do a bitsetting on my copied DVDs? and please if you can tell me how to do it step by step. this is my first time to do this so thank you very much to whoever can help…


I’d just convert it to a SOHW-832S as the codeguys have explained on their overclocking page:


Ive got the same drive. Right now im using the vy06 firmware for the dru-700a. Ive found mine to be kinda picky with media and have tried all different kinds. I finally found sony brand (go figure. :slight_smile: ) Rihco jpn r01 dvd +r’s give me excellent results with that firmware (with bitsetting and burned at 4x). I see that since i last visited they have a vy08 and a vy08 patched firmware. I havent trieds those out, but mabye ill give it a whirl once my current stack of dvds runs out. As the saying goes, if it aint broke dont fix it. :bigsmile: Codeguys site has everything you need to get it patched up. Good luck!