Sony DW-D18A noob

First of all, greetings to all forum members.

So, I am planning to buy Sony DW-D18A
drive, and I have some questions, so any
help is muchos appreciated.

As far as I can see, looking thru the posts
made @ this forum and other forums, this
Sony drive is actually OEM Liteon SOHW-832S
drive so Sony has no support for this drive.
Now, if I am not mistaken, I have couple
of options; flash the drive to 812s or 832s.

Have a couple of questions;
a) do I need to upgrade to 812s first, and
then to 832s?
b) can I upgrade directly to 832s?
c) what is omnipatcher?
d) I humbly beg all mangas to help me
step by step on how to upgrade
Sony DW-D18A drive! :slight_smile:

np, I SHALL check all the info myself
@ codeguys, and @,
so it wont be like I’m a lazy mofo and
not trying to get some info myself. :slight_smile:

I hope you came to your senses and did not do that. My son bought one last October 2004 and it has been a nightmare. We called it “The Coaster Maker”. It made no difference what media or burn speed we used - it would put out about 1 coaster in 10.

I have concluded after inheriting it from him (he got an NEC 3540) and conducting a lot of tests that the problem is there is no reduction in read speed to accomodate bad video DVD quality. It rips new video DVDs at the same speed as old worn ones. By contrast the 3540 will slow down, sometimes considerably, when it detects poor quality DVD. That’s the way we want it.

So I took it back and got an NEC 3540 as an even swap. Now we can rip/burn without creating coasters. I am using 8x Fujifilm ProdataF01 discs at 8x burn rates without any problems. My son is using 16x Taiyo Yuden at 16x burn rate without any problems.

I can recommend the NEC 3540 without reservation. You just have to get used to slower rips when the DVD is not new. But that’s a lot better than getting coasters all the time.

sxtatic posted at 29-03-2005. he surely got a drive. and if it has problems he will be back to the forum…