Sony DW-D18A latest firmware



I have a Sony DW-D18A with firmware rev. VYS2.

Is this the latest and greatest version and where do I get new legitimate (no hacked or tweaked versions please) revs from? Sony does not appear to support the OEM drives from their site.

Thanks much…


VYS2 is the latest official firmware for your drive.


Thank you. Is your site the location for new firmware?


No, but it is a location for new firmware.



Where does Sony post firmware for this drive (if they even do so)?


Your drive is an OEM drive, they don’t support it directly. You would only find firmwares for it from the company who the drive was intended for. You should convert it to a Liteon and forget about Sony.


How do I do this? Obviously it involves a firmware flash of some kind but does the firmware need to be tampered with?


You can flash unmodified SOHW-832S firmwares onto your drive either by using flashfix or by using a binary firmware with LtnFW or mtkflash. You need to go research and learn.


No kidding - that’s why I’m asking. :slight_smile:

This is my third DVD burner (I have two Lite-On 451S burners on my network). Thus far it’s given me zero grief. Do you know of any issues with the firmware release iterated above? What would be the advantages of going to Lite-On firmware? I only ever buy name brand media (specifically Maxell, TDK and Memorex). No-name media is never on the radar for me so compatibility with it is of no consequence - I’ve found no-name stuff to be far more trouble than it was worth in the DVD world.