Sony DW-D18A/DRU-700A & LiteOn SOHW-832S



Several months ago I bought a Sony DW-D18A, but after installation the drive was giving me several problems, i.e. not burning completely and freezing up. I did some research and found the my drive was a rebadged LiteOn SOHW-832S. Upon additional research I found the I could flash my drive as a Sony DRU-700a. I took a chance and succeeded. At this time I was running Win2000. I began burning dvd 4.7 discs and was getting great speed, about 15 min per disc. About 2 months ago I upgraded to WinXP and since I have suffered a drastic reduction in burn speed. It is now taking aproximately an hour to burn a dvd 4.7. Today I tried to burn a DVD 9 and after a 3 hour wait it was only at 15% on the first layer. I am truly at a loss. What should I do? Should I go back to Win2000 or should I reflash the drive back to 832S? Can anyone out there help me? I would very much obliged.


DMA was somehow disabled when you upgraded to XP. [thread=101616]Re-enable it[/thread].


I tried that already. I couldn’t get the DMA to change so I uninstalled the channel and when it reinstalled the properties page no longer has an advanced tab so I can not check the DMA settings. Additionally, I ran Nero Infotool and it say the DMA is on, but the drive is still burning really slow.