Sony DW-56A LtnRPC playback problem

Dell Latitude D610, windows XP, DVD rom DW-56A-DF.

2 weeks ago, I used LtnRPC, DVD Region Killer V2.7 to watch region 2 movies instead of region 1 (now in UK for a few months). Worked like a charm for a few days. Now my drive is not working properly.

Drive does make the occasional wierd/loud noises. Playback of either region 1 or 2 (or universal) is possible however, the beginning of the movies playback slow, pause, the drive spins up again, starts, then pauses. Sometimes in 10 sec intervals, sometimes in 2 min intervals. After I get 20-30mins into the movie, the movie will playback fine (so far).

Is this a hardware problem w/ my drive or did I screw it up w/ LtnRPC? I reinstalled the drive (erasing the upper/lowers), driver is 5.1.2535.0, updated firmware to PDS7. Still the same problems. Verified the IDE to be on DMA, and checked my display settings for full hardware acceleration.

Beyond the above I’m lost!!!

I’ve found more info than I wanted on this great forum, and now would like to do more with my DVD burner… as soon as I get it working again… or replace it.

Thanks for your help!