Sony DW-30QA Problem

Somebody can help me!
I’m a Sony DW-Q30A owner with a lot of Problems:
a) I can’t read CDrom (don’t recognize),
b) I can’t play music CD’s (don’t recognize),
c) I can’t play DVD movies via Power dvd (recognize and run the soft, but don’t play)
d) I can’t record anything (The NTI record program that comes with the machine show a “can’t find any DVD recorder” warning)
e) I can read DVDrom
f) I can play DVD movies as a data
I was try to:
a) reinstall Windows
b) run EEPROM_Utility-3.6.2 (“can’t find any DVD recorder”)
c) run Flash_Utility (“can’t find any DVD recorder”)
c) run YYS6_WIN.EXE (“ASPI error” and something more i can’t remember)
d) install the Sony DW-Q30A in another computer (the same problems)
The Sony DW-Q30A DVD recorder work well for a year aprox., recording and reading
CD and DVD without problem. I can’t explain why with precision, but all the problems begin at the same time.
Thank for the time
Sorry for my English…