Sony DW-22A will read/write DVD's but not CD's

I have a p.o.s. Sony DW22a. USed EEPROM to crossflash it to DRU-710a hoping it would solve my problem. This drive will read and write DVD±R’s fine, but CANNOT recognize that a CD-R is in the drive. Blank, commerical, nothing. no data, no music, nada.

This IS NOT the first time I have had problems with this type of drive. The first one went kapoot on me and stopped altogehter. Sony replaced it and then the second one began doign teh same thing. As soon as I called tech support it began working again. Now this…

I have upgraded the drive firmware, flash updated my BIOS, updated all my chipsets, [un]installed hardware, rolled back to original VAIO drivers, etc. NOthing has worked.

Do I just toss out the p.o.s and go buy a NEC or something? Getting tired here and I ain’t about to fully restore my hdd. :eek:


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Sorry for the late reply. Usually this problem is a fault with the drive. The only way to prove whether it’s the drive or the OS is to try to boot to a CD like your Windows install boot disc. Make sure the BIOS option to boot from CD is enabled and before the HDD. If it won’t boot then it is definitely the drive.

Also never change your EEPROM to another one. Each EEPROM is unique to the drive. If you need to crossflash then use OmniPatcher or the patched firmware on our site (see my signature).

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