Sony DW-22A issues

I have installed a Sony DVD-RW drive (model DW-22A) into my system and cannot get it to burn at all. The system specs are as follows:
HP a288n - Athlon XP 2600, 1 gig of RAM, burner, 160 gig hd.
I have had this burner in another system and it works flawlessly. It reads a dvd ok, but as soon as I try to use Decrypter to write it to the hd it freezes the entire system and I have to shut it off and restart. The drive works on 2 other systems without a problem, I have tried the firmware tricks and still nothing. Is this an issue with the Mobo and if so does anyone know of a fix? Thanks in advance for any help.

Install aSPI and set it to ASPI in the prefs of DVDD.