Sony DW-22A has troubles burning DVD's

The main reason for this post is to say to everybody here “If you search and search your answer will appear.” Also to share my problem and its solution in the end.

I have a Sony DW-22A that is a little over a year old. It has burned well over 100 DVD’s and god only knows how many CD-R’s. Three teenage boys, need i say more.

About a week ago I ran into problems burning DVD’s (CD-R’s burned fine). Nero, DVD Shrink etc. would freeze during the burning process. This would happen regardless if I was backing up a DVD or burning a data backup. I started with the software, checking settings, uninstalling, reinstalling etc. Still coaster after coaster and for s***s and giggles a few in the microwave (my youngest still thinks thats reall kewl).

I came to this forum the other day and read and read, searched and searched.

Of course I found all the information here, well to make a long story short. I figured that the most likely problem was the data transfer rate. DVD’s being GB’s and a CD-R being MB’s large. I saw the updating the firmware could help and infact that crossflashing could improve performance.

I did focus on the IDE Channels. It was set to DMA if available but would always read Current Mode PIO. One post suggested removing the erant IDE channel and letting Windows XP reinstall it.

That solved the issue. This was a windows problem (thanks Bill!). After burning several DVD’s I then crossflashed my old Sony. I now have a Sony 710a with a really neat red led.

On to the next problem Getting a XBox to read .avi files all the way to the end of a DVD. It always seems as though I miss the last episode of a season. :sad:



Use better media like TY and Verbatim.

From my research so far that looks like possible solution for the XBox problem…so many problems so little time…