SONY DW-22A: Error even after upgrade



I’m new to DVD burning, but I guess this was a bad purchase, since I don’t know anyone else who has had the trouble I’ve had. I’ve successfully made backups of 3 movies. Since 2 weeks ago, this drive continues to get an I/O error everytime I try to burn .iso from Decrypter (single layer originals). I now have 4 coasters and this media is too much $ for wasting. I use DVD Shrink and Decrypter. I did not have Nero but I did install the aspi layer via a program.

I’ve since upgraded the firmware to BYS3, but the error is exactly the same. I noticed today that just ripping audio files from this drive to hd was extremely slow. So I checked for PIO mode on that 2nd IDE channel and it isn’t there. It is set to Ultra DMA 2, which is not best but the other drive on that channel has no issues whatsoever. So maybe there is something I’m overlooking? This drive was almost $80 and I’d hate to think it was garbage already. Heck my 4x cd-rom still works after 7 years.

More info: I just inserted a dvd in that drive and it took almost 2 minutes for it to identify it. DVD Rom same channel, took about 20 seconds.


7 years ago i had a 32x cd-rom. 4x was around 10 to 11 years ago.

ok, but now to your prob:

  1. download the eeprom utility. “reset learnt media” and upgrade your drive into a 1653s:

  2. downlaod and flash this firmware:

this will turn your drive into a real liteon 1653s and i hope it will solve your problem.

before you do this, what media do you use and what are your system specs?
maybe the drive is faulty?!


System is AMD XP 2000, 512 RAM, Via chipset (current). Media I ordered from newegg but I don’t have the label. The receipt says AVB 8x 4.7gb. It did work before briefly so maybe it will again.

I’ll give this a shot and post back.


can you scan a previously burned disc with nero cs-dvd speeds quality test and post a pic?!

get it here:


Ok, I’ll try that too. I did flash it to the lite on 1653s and now…well, it doesn’t seem to recognize anything consistently. It takes so long to read them that it appears to just give up. There are no errors in system events. When it first flashed and rebooted it recognized the dvd and then when DVD shrink tried to scan it, it stopped with a “cyclic redundancy” error.


I can only find one of the discs right now. It will not finish the scan, it stops at 61% and doesn’t go any further. PI Failures =1.11 and PI Errors 325 average. Speed is at 10.08. If I try to just test the burner with transfer rate, it runs for a while and then gives an error like “no more data sense” L-EC Uncorrectable Error 0311205 is the detail. I guess that’s really all I can do? I I’ll try to switch this drive to the primary controller and see if that does anything.