Sony DVP-NS32 firmware update problem

A friend of mine owns a DVP-NS32 and we 're trying to upgrade the firmware to its latest version (2.20) which supports divx subtitles. Current version is 1.81

Problem is the machine will reject any CD with a “Cannot play disc message”. This includes “normal” (factory-pressed) audio cd’s, data cd-r, audio cd-r, cd-rw etc.

DVD playback is fine though (+/-/R/RW)

We have unsuccessfully tried using a cd-lens clean kit. Problem persists.

So we took a bold step and burned the firmware file on a dvd. The machine didn’t recognise the presence of a firmware-file. It showed an error message, something like “No data/audio on disc”. Clearly it does not expect to find a firmware upgrade on a dvd, but only on cd.

So what other options do we have? Is there maybe a trick to fool the machine into reading the firmware from a dvd and not a cd?

PS. The machine is out of warranty…

cd part is dead, bad luck.