Sony DVP-FX810 Portable DVD Player Queries

Hi Folks,

New here - although I have visited often in the past and benefited from the accumulated knowledge - a brief word of thanks for that!

Now I have a question - I plan on purchasing a Sony DVP-FX810 Portable DVD Player with 8" WideScreen, and would appreciate some info from anybody who has used one of them…or knows about them.

Note: I’m purchasing mainly for the playback of MP3-DVDs (burnt) - connecting it to a home stereo system…for various reasons, this is the only viable option for me (so far) other than buying an Apple IPod Classic and transferring the DVDs onto the iPod

  1. Does the DVP-FX810 support folder hierarchies/trees? I.e. if I have say G:\Mp3s\Rock\Alan Parsons Project\A Valid Path - will it allow me to traverse folders all the way down to the last folder, and select / play files?

  2. Is there any file count limit / directory count limit on the DVDs I use ? Perhaps limited by the memory on the FXP-810?

  3. I went in-store for a demo, and found that the burnt DVD-R I had filled with music was unreadable (‘Check Disc’ message). Any idea why that might be the case - the specs mention support for DVD-R, and I believe the DVD-R was finalized (Nero tells me no more space available to write) ?

Any information / suggestions will be received gratefully :slight_smile:
Thank You,