Sony DVP-CX995V DVD Player problem

Just purchased the Sony 995V DVD player primarily because it could store 400 DVDs. It plays retail prerecorded DVDs fine but when I try to play any of my 200+ DVDs I recorded (and finalized) on my Panasonic DVD recorder it just indicates “reading” in a blinking fashion and after 30 seconds the player shuts down. No other indication of a fault on the player or the TV screen. The media I used was basically DVD+R (Memorex, HP, Staples, TEON). They have been rarely played after being recorded. They work fine on my other, older DVD players (five in number, including a Sony). They work fine in the neighbors players (including Sony). Sony says I can mail it to Texas for a checkup or replacement with a refurbished player but it sounds like a hassle. If you guys can help I’d appreciate it. If not I guess I’ll just use it to store my DVDs and play them on a different player (which I’m doing now). Thanks.

I have the same DVD player and have never had a problem that wasn’t related to the DVD itself. I almost exclusively use TY media, but have experimented with others.

If it were me with your problem, I would forget Sony and take/send it back to where you bought it for either a new one, or your money back.

Good luck

That’s the problem with buying online. I got a good price from a reputable seller (Vanns) but sending it back has the same hassle problems as sending it to Sony. I’m afraid I agree with you that the problem is specific to this unit. I was just hoping that maybe someone knew of a “magic” fix. Thanks.